i-coach academy is a specialist in developing coaching practice and offers professional coaching education programmes, continuous professional development and supervision for coaches, one-on-one coaching and consulting services for organisations seeking to leverage their investment in coaching.

It really helped me to quickly go through the steep learning curve of the new role, and improve my personal effectiveness and self confidence.

ALDP Participant, BP Angola

Seminars and Events

Open Evenings - Learn more about our approach to developing coaching practice

Open Evenings (starts at 18:00) - 6 May or Call for individual appointment

Are you interested in gaining a coaching qualification or starting a career in coaching? i-coach academy invites you to learn more during our Open Evening...

The Immunity to Change Map Making Process: A Clever Application of Constructivist Theory with Dr Leni Wildflower

29 April 2015 (14:00 - 18:00)

Immunity to Change is a coaching process, developed through research at Harvard University. It works on the premise that in order to change our behavior, we must first recognize what is keeping us from changing. Immunity to Change explores the unconscious assumptions that keep us from making the change we desire. In this face-to-face program you will fill in a 4 column map which helps to reveal th...

Becoming a Developmentally-Minded Coach with Dr Tatiana Bachkirova

13 May 2015 (09:30 - 17:00)

  • Do you want to develop a greater understanding of your clients’ developmental process and the challenges they face in the work place? 
  • Do you wish to enrich your practice and explore and enhance your own developmental coaching process?
Join Dr Tatiana Bachkirova for a workshop where you will be able to explore a theory of developmental coaching...

Networking Event: Internal Coaching - The Inside Story with Katharine St John-Brooks

9 June 2015 (18:00 - 20:00)

• Do you want to understand better the rewards and challenges of being an internal coach?
• What is the best way to ensure that an internal coach can do their best work?
• Would you know what to do if your client confided that they regularly took Class A drugs?
Join Katharine St John-Brooks for a workshop aimed at bringing to life what it is like to work as an in...

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Penny provides coaching and mentoring for NHS Directors, clinical leaders, and senior managers as well as the ... read more

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