Coaching Consultancy

Our coaching consultancy aims to deliver organisational change and develop the leadership potential of organisations and their high achievers through coaching. We work globally with a variety of organisations, large and small, public and private.  Our global network provides access to thought leaders in the field as well as offering an international resource pool of coaches, facilitators and consultants. Our services include:

  • Coaching consulting to explore the use of coaching as a learning and change methodology to support a variety of interventions which impact on organisational and individual  performance.
  • Provision of one-on-one coaching for a variety of purposes. 
  • Creation of Coaching Forums which supervise a variety of professional coaches working in an organisation against a bespoke coaching framework.  This unique approach allows the organisation to use a wide variety of coaches, confident in the knowledge that they are being adequately supervised whilst being updated on specific organisational challenges. Organisational themes are also being collected for integration into other interventions, maximising ROI from coaching whilst respecting individual confidentiality agreements. 
  • Selection, assessment and placement (matching) of coaches.  We have developed a selection process for organisations to use to assess professional coaches working at senior leadership levels.  This process has been tested on three continents.
  • Design & delivery of  programmes to build coaching capacity of managers and leaders for the purpose of empowering the workforce whilst ensuring performance and development.
  • Design & delivery of  programmes to develop internal coaches and consultants to support the integration of learning into interventions supporting organisational change.
  • Assist organisations to set up policies and procedures regarding the use and measurement of coaching.
  • Research Projects to support the development of frameworks and methodology.
  • Supervision of coaches in organisations (both one on one and group supervision).
  • Act as a resource pool for coaches, facilitators and faculty for leadership development programmes and other interventions.

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