Coaching Education

Gain an internationally recognised coaching qualification

There has never been a better time to graduate from i-coach academy with an internationally-recognised coaching qualification. The demand for coaching shows no sign of diminishing. However, organisations are becoming increasingly discerning and are unlikely to take on practitioners with neither a proven methodology nor evidence that their interventions are capable of producing a return on investment. Clients are also becoming cautious because of the detrimental impact that inappropriate coaching methods can have on valued individuals in their organisations.

This gives coaches who have strong ethical values, who offer services that meet genuine needs and who can create lasting benefits for individuals and their organisations, a bright future. At i-coach we believe education is the route to ensuring quality and standards in coaching, to ensure that our coaches can deliver what clients demand – professionalism. 

We invite you to learn more about  i-coach academy's coaching programmes, where you can join a community of professionals who understand that effective coaching is a learning journey of discovery that is both challenging and rewarding.  

In only a few weeks on the Post Graduate Certificate course, I knew I had found the work I wanted. I am now looking forward to doing my Masters. Certificate Graduate
My experience with the i-coach academy has given me the flexibility to take a broader range of assignments than I would have expected. Professional Coach

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