Recommended Reading

Practising Existential Therapy: The Relational World

Ernesto Spinelli

The Handbook of Coaching Psychology

Stephen Palmer, Alison Whybrow

The Psychology of Coaching

Bruce Peltier

Organization Development: A Practitioner's Guide for OD and HR

Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge, Linda Holbeche

Developmental Coaching: Working with the Self

Tatiana Bachkirova

Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership

Peter Hawkins

Executive Coaching: A Psychodynamic Approach (Coaching in Practice)

Catherine Sandler

Systemic Coaching and Constellations: The Principles, Practices and Application for Individuals, Teams and Groups

John Whittington

Coaching at Work - Interview with Mike van Oudtshoorn (Liz Hall)

Coaching at Work - Article on Existential Approach (Ernesto Spinelli and Caroline Horner)

Coaching at Work - A Hazy Notion (Caroline Horner)

Coaching at Work - The Dance of Trust (Eunice Aquilina)

Coaching at Work - News UK internal coaching programme (Liz Hall)

Coaching at Work - Cheshire NHS internal coaching programme (Liz Hall)

Coaching a Star PDF (Robert J Lee)

Coaching Train to Gain (part one) is available for purchase now via the Coaching at Work website

Evaluating the effectiveness of executive coaching: beyond ROI? (De Meuse, Dai, Lee)

Feedback Part One PDF (Marti Janse van Rensburg)

Feedback Part Two PDF (Marti Janse van Rensburg)

Learning to Coach Leaders PDF (Bob Lee)

Personality tests and managerial decisions PDF (Marti Janse van Rensburg)

Use of Self in Executive Coaching PDF (Michael Frisch)

Lessons learned from matching coaches to coachees - South African context (Mongezi Makhalima)

The Ridler Report (2011) - Clive Mann (Editor)

Workplace, Executive and Life Coaching: An Annotated Bibliography from the Behavioural Science and Business Literature (May 2009), Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney, Australia - Grant, A. M. (2009)

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