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Open Evenings - Call for individual appointment

Open Evenings - Learn more about our approach to developing coaching practice

Are you interested in gaining a coaching qualification or starting a career in coaching? i-coach academy invites you to learn more during our Open Evening

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Foundation in Coaching Practice - dates to be confirmed

Foundation in Coaching Practice

An increasing number of managers, parents, teachers and community workers are recognising the value of engaging in coaching conversations to support individuals in achieving sustained improvements in personal and organisational performance.

The Foundation in Coaching Practice Programme provides an introduction to core coaching skills and techniques for anyone wanting to apply these skills in their professional or day-to-day interactions.

This programme is delivered through seven days over six months. It introduces core coaching concepts, models and approaches and supports you to practice this learning through exercises with a learning cohort.

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Skills Benchmarking Day - please contact to discuss

Skills Benchmarking Day

i-coach academy’s Skills Benchmarking Day is an opportunity to benchmark your current coaching skills and approach with peers and explore with faculty options for your continued development as a coach.

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Residential starting Sunday 12th May

Gain Fresh Perspective with iOpener

Are you at a crossroads in life and don’t know which way to turn? Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward with purpose? Are you reluctant to take action because it might mean giving up all that you have invested in? iOpener can help.

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