Community Research

With more than 230 graduates and students globally, i-coach academy’s community continues to make a significant contribution to the development of the coaching profession.  Below is a summary of our student’s research.

Topic Title Author  Download
Change & Uncertainty
Exploring the Effect of the Scenario Building Process in Creating Personal Change and its Application in the Coaching Context  Dale Williams Click here


Extent to which, and how, Coaches Encouraged Clients to Experience a Sense of Optimism During Career / Redundancy Coaching Sessions  Joanne Serpliss Click here


How coaching assist employees to adapt to New and different projects within the IT Test Environment  Andri Buys Click here
To what extent can an executive coaching program act as an organisational change or organisational development (OD) change intervention?  Nick Papadopoulos Click here


Seeking to explore and understand self coaching and its potential impact from an individual client perspective  Rachel Ellison  Click here


Which factors in a coaching programme have contributed to generating sustained positive change for the coachee?  Nicky Spode  Click here


What is the place of uncertainty in coaching purposes at senior levels in organisations?  Louise Buckle  Click here
 An examination of some of the factors that affect the sustainability of perceived benefits of coaching over time  Tanya Chakravarti  Click here
Diversity Coaching Across Divides to Create Alliances for Shared Objectives – An Integral Coaching Model  Dr Dorrian Aiken Click here
The Application of Executive Coaching in the facilitation of sustainable working relationships between South African Corporations and Black Professionals  Hugh Sundelson Click here


The Influence of the Primary Dimensions of the Race, Gender, Age & Language on the Coaching Relationship  Mongezi Makhalima Click here


Designing a coaching model for a South African University  Almene Potgieter Click here


Coaching Within AEGON UK  Tracey Bray Click here


Exploring the Application of Mindfulness-Based Coaching on the Development of Leadership  Craig Henen Click here


Executive Coaching: The Leadership Development Tool of the Future  Dr Caroline Horner Click here


Peer Coaching: Enabling Skills Development and Diversity Awareness in Corporate South Africa  Roger Maitland Click here


The Assessment of the Effectiveness of One-to-One Coaching in the Development of Authentic Leadership Practice  Barbara Ferreira Click here


The Benefit of Coaching Participants on a Leadership Programme  Lee-Anne Deale Click here


The Use of Coaching to Obtain Agreement Regarding the Preferred Culture Within An
Executive Team
 Salome van Coller- Peter Click here



Investigate the Impact of Coaching on Adults Returning to an Educational Environment and Experiencing Coaching for the First Time as Part of a Personal Development Programme  Ailbhe Harrington Click here


Executive coaches’ experience of developing their
clients’ self-coaching capacity
 Kathy Bennett Click here


Exploring the perceived benefits of the self-development of authentic leadership in organisations through one-to-one coaching  Tineke Wulffers Click here
Exploring the Place and Value of Coaching Within
the Range of Support Available to Senior Leaders Experiencing Significant Career Transitions
 Penny Jones Click here


How Coaching Conversations Contribute to Organisational Development  Eunice Aquilina Click here


How May Values-Based Coaching Contribute Towards Business Performance  Victor Borchers Click here
Selection of Coaches How Central Government Departments Select External Coaches  Paul Ellis Click here
Performance An Integral Approach to Coaching in Elite Sport  Paddy Upton Click here


Coaching and Project Management  Saul Goldblatt Click here
An Exploratory Investigation into the Perceived
Effects of Team Coaching in the Construction
 Helen Dunlop Click here
Professional Coaching
Exploring the Developing of Professional Coaching Practice – Summary Statement  Dr Caroline Horner  Click here
Coaching Senior Professional
What is the Focus and what has been Learnt in the Process?  Louise Sheppard Click here
Emotions Coaching and emotions: How do coaches and coaching school directors engage and think about emotions?  Katina Cremona Click here
Telephone Coaching A case study on the effectiveness of telephone coaching  Katharine Collett Click here