Organisations are increasingly requiring coaches to participate in regular supervision and continuous professional development (CPD).

As coaches have the professional capacity to help bring about important changes for individuals, groups and organisations, their work can also deeply influence people who are in a life-changing situation or transition and who may be rendered vulnerable and possibly dependent.

i-coach offers regular Supervision and CPD events to assist coaches to protect their clients by providing an opportunity to discuss specific cases with other clinically trained professionals.

Why Supervision/CPD?

Ethical codes are being continuously developed within coaching professional bodies and some organisations (our own included). However, many coaching relationships and tasks are difficult to regulate through formal rules. It is, therefore, the individual coach’s ethical consciousness, sense of responsibility and professional competence that are critical to ensuring the protection of the clients in their care and in maintaining the standards of the coaching profession. Supervision and CPD is one way for coaches to take responsibility for their clients whilst furthering their own development.

Benefits of Supervision to Coaches

Protect your clients, as client cases are discussed with clinically trained professionals who are quick to identify areas of potential concern and offer advice or referral to specialist support if appropriate

  • Reflect on your work to identify patterns which may give useful insight into improving your interventions
  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as a coach in order to realistically judge the limitations to set with respect to the type of work you undertake
  • Learn from peers who have similar cases and experiences
  • Improve your competency as a coach by keeping up-to-date with professional developments in the coaching field

Supervision Options – Individual or Group Supervision

Individual Supervision Sessions

Depending on the supervisors’ availability, Individual Supervision Sessions of 1 ½ hours each can be provided by i-coach faculty. These sessions will be held at the venue of individual faculty’s practice. These sessions cost £375 + VAT per session of 1 ½ hours.

Group Supervision Facilitated by Prof. Ernesto Spinelli

Prof. Ernesto Spinelli is an i-coach faculty member for the Masters Programme. His seminars, lectures and writings have earned him an international reputation as an innovative theoretician and practitioner in contemporary existential psychotherapy and psychology.

For further information or to book for individual or group supervision please telephone 020 7129 1442 or email

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