Jolene McCullough

BSc (Hons)

Jolene is an experienced programme manager who prior to joining i-coach academy as our Education Manager worked with the Hay Group for four years as the first point of contact for client and consortium partners. As part of this role she dealt frequently with government bodies and supervised national programmes which involved managing multiple work streams simultaneously. Jolene also organised the running of assessment centres for future leaders during this time. Since joining i-coach academy, Jolene has led the operational management of our academic education programmes which require frequent influencing of key stakeholders including Middlesex University and other accreditation bodies. Jolene is responsible for the quality assurance of the assessment processes within i-coach academy and has designed processes to enhance and improve the assessment centres for both practitioner and master level education programmes. Jolene also engages daily with participants who are aspiring or existing executive coaches as they engage with their learning journey with i-coach academy. Jolene has exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills and is used to dealing with a wide range of people at all levels of organisations. Jolene has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Surrey and has delivered interviews and one-to-one coaching as part of Headteacher courses.