Kate Bradshaw

Kate’s career to date has been within the TV industry and digital media in particular. She is currently UK & EMEA Head of Digital for Scripps Networks Interactive, one of the world’s largest lifestyle content creators and broadcasters. Her role spans revenue generation, product development and content. She was formerly Deputy MD and Head of Content and Commissioning at ITV.com, and a senior editor at the BBC. Kate has been professionally involved in coaching since 2011 following a revelatory coaching experience in a leadership context that enabled her to identify her skills, passions and values, enabling her to make a significant professional and personal life change.

The purpose of Kate’s coaching is to unlock her client’s potential to achieve viable, relevant, and personally significant outcomes for lasting changes and development, either in their professional or personal lives. For Kate, coaching is a development opportunity to learn about yourself and how you relate to others. Her work with clients spans career decisions, being more effective at work and in life, and finding new direction. Outcomes include renewed purpose, clarity in decision-making, enhanced motivation, professional and personal confidence and establishing a sense of calm.

Her strength as a coach lies in her warmth and calmness of approach, and her ability to listen with an attention that let clients explore their stories at a pace that suits them. She uses several psychological and philosophical approaches, often inviting her client to focus on description not analysis; on emotion, social and work contexts, and inter-personal dynamics. Kate places her client at the heart of her practice and aims to co-create coaching sessions to facilitate a process that enables her client to learn about themselves and develop to meet their objectives. Her coaching works well with senior leaders in transition and facing new challenges, as well as more junior team members looking for ways to embrace more responsibility and deal with change.

Her clients come from a variety of industries including the media, public sector, corporate sector as well as working with individuals. Her clients say of her coaching:

‘As a coach you really hold the space, a safe space, for your client and make them feel as if they are the only thing in the world for you – that is powerful! You are really supportive while your questions are challenging and insightful and, no matter what the answer is you always seem to know where to go next.’ Former Head of Risk Assessment, Standard Bank

‘Everyday I find myself using what we talked about during past sessions from how to look for new clients/contacts, how to distance myself from situations and see them more objectively, to taking care of myself. So thank you!’ Visual Designer, Publishing

‘I believe Kate’s own experiences really enrich her coaching style: she is an accomplished and successful professional who is also passionate about coaching. She is able to apply all her expertise to understand and empathise with different situations. She is committed, engaged and credible.’ – HR Analyst at LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics

Kate has completed the i-coach Academy Certificate in Coaching Practice that holds the European Mentoring and Coaching Quality Award at Senior Practitioner level. Kate is currently following her curiosity about neurobiology, her signature presence and the value and impact of the relationship between coach and client. Kate is a member of the EMCC and subscribes to their code of ethics as well as receiving regular supervision for her practice.