Neil Rodgers

Neil came to coaching from a successful career in line management. He has a track record of delivering valued and sustainable results in many diverse settings, including his roles as a Director of Prudential’s Corporate Pensions Business and Chief People Officer of Egg plc. He has significant experience of leading change within large complex organisations and the insights from this work have been a key influence on the development of his coaching style.

Neil works with people who are looking to get back into powerful action. He believes that through coaching individuals can quickly regain focus and a commitment to action in a purposeful way towards a future outcome that they really want. As part of his coaching approach he seeks to support clients to develop the skills and insights to self-coach in order that they can develop the wherewithal to stay in powerful action in service of a commitment without the need for coaching interventions.

Neil’s approach works across all levels of an organisation. He has predominantly worked with senior executives, up to and including Chief Executives. He has a broad experience of working across a wide variety of organisational settings including the public, private and third sector organisations as well as private individual clients.

Neil’s academic background is in Mathematics, to post graduate level, and a MBA focusing on Strategic Management. He holds a Certificate of Professional Development in Executive Coaching and a Masters degree in Professional Coaching through i-coach academy from Middlesex University, UK.

Neil coaches as part of a portfolio life, in which he also is an associate Organisational Development Consultant and also volunteers in his local community.