Vicky Ellam-Dyson

BSc Hons

Vicky is involved in the profession of coaching as a coach, researcher, lecturer, research supervisor, and chair of a professional body.

As a coach, her work is underpinned by psychology and theories drawn from behavioural science. She values the influence these can have in enhancing understanding of aspects such as attributions, social behaviour, personality, etc. Her transition into the field of coaching was influenced by her enthusiasm for assisting others with personal development during her work as a consultant and trainer in the IT industry, along with her exposure to behavioural theories during a BSc Psychology degree at City University. Formal training for the use of psychology in coaching includes Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and Personal Construct Psychology.

She works with clients for issues such as: increasing confidence, developing better relationships, gaining clarity, improved performance, reducing stress, increasing motivation, etc.

Vicky is conducting research in the area of coaching psychology as part of a PhD at City University. She is looking at the links between leaders’ beliefs and behaviours, and the effectiveness of psychological techniques in executive coaching to change leadership behaviours and prevent leadership derailment. She lectures on the principles of coaching psychology for the organisational psychology masters programme at City University, and supervises research projects and theses completed by master’s students.

As current chair of the British Psychological Society Special Group of Coaching Psychology (BPS SGCP) Vicky is involved in driving forward the development of membership services, such as co-coaching practice groups. She sits on the SGCP conference sub-committee and is involved in the organisation of the annual conferences. Other professional memberships include the BPS, the Society for Coaching Psychology, and the Association for Coaching.